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 Our Mission…

As property owners ourselves, we hold a deep sense of pride in ownership.

Our Mission is to treat our investors’ properties as if they were our very own, so they can focus on what truly matters. We are dedicated to provide a seamless connection and empower homeowners, investors, and tenants by providing a comprehensive and efficient solution that encompasses streamlined communication, meticulous property maintenance, effective financial management, and unwavering care.

Leading With Our Tech-Savvy Team

At Laurelhurst Property Management, we utilize Appfolio’s all-in-one platform to manage our investor’s properties with utmost efficiency. From advertising and marketing to tenant screening, rent collection, and maintenance requests, every aspect is centralized in Appfolio. This streamlined approach enables us to provide a hassle-free experience for our clients, optimizing property management and ensuring the best possible results for their investments. With real-time insights and easy access, we keep our clients informed and empowered, making their journey in the real estate market a seamless and rewarding one. Trust us to take care of your property investment, leveraging the power of Appfolio to maximize its potential.

Seamless Experience

Appfolio offers a seamless and user-friendly experience for tenants, homeowners, and investors.

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Appfolio offers robust reporting and analytics tools, providing valuable insights into property performance, financial trends, and occupancy rates. These data-driven insights help make informed decisions and optimize investment strategies for our valued clients.

Streamlined Operations

It streamlines operations, reducing complexities and saving time for property management tasks.

Consolidated Tasks

Appfolio consolidates all property-related tasks in one place, simplifying management processes.

Cross-Device Compatibility

The platform is accessible on various devices, ensuring easy access and management from anywhere.

Enhanced Efficiency

With automated features and real-time data, Appfolio enhances operational efficiency.

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